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When you’re booking a wedding venue, it’s important to know the right questions to ask. We thought there were no better people to ask about it than the Four seasons Columbus.


  1.  Parking, availability of parking. Is it FREE? Are their enough parking spaces for all guests? Can the cars stay overnight? Do we need security?  Four Seasons Columbus offers ample parking, for free. Overnight parking is no problem, and no security is needed.
  2. Does the facility place favors, center pieces, place cards, and décor in general or is there a charge to place these items or do brides need to have friends/family do this? At Four Seasons Columbus, the placement of favors, simple center pieces, place cards and most décor is included and will be handled by our staff members.
  3. Will I receive a floor plan that shows the set up before the event? Four Seasons Columbus does provide a floor plan up to 6 month before the event to help you plan.
  4. Will somebody from the facility greet my guests upon arrival and direct my guests on where to go? At Four Seasons Columbus, a greeter will be outside the front door, to greet your guests and direct them on where to go.
  5. At the end of the event do I (the bride) have to have my family collect all my décor items and gifts and clean out the room? Four Seasons Columbus will place all your gifts inside a designated car and look them up. We will also pack up all your décor items at the end of the night and again place those in a designated car, at the end of your event all you and your family has to do is walk out, get in your car and leave.

To find out more about the Four Seasons Columbus, you can reach them at 614-876-2200 or info@fourseasonscolumbus.com.

If you’re looking for top quality photography and entertainment for your wedding day, give us a call!