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This week, there was a great article on The Huffington Post by G.E. Masana about the power of photographs. In it, he talks about the way photographs can capture us as we really are, and that candid photography has the opportunity to encapsulate the real emotion we feel at a wedding.


We love taking both types of photos for all the Ohio couples we work with. Many couples have some great ideas for photos of their bridal party, and in many cases the venue lends itself to an idea that turns out amazing. These posed photos are an important part of your wedding photography. They show everyone, all together and looking fabulous.

But, as G.E. Masana notes, candid shots are just as important. Some of the most emotional photos from a wedding are taken while the couple are in the process of getting married, or during their first dance. It’s these moments — where the bride and groom are only thinking about each other — that the real love at the wedding can shine through in the photos.

We think that great wedding photography covers both bases. If you agree, and want to find out what we can do at your Columbus wedding, get in touch today!